Threespine® - Click Furniture Technology

Threespine® click furniture technology by Välinge Innovation enables furniture to be assembled in seconds without any tools. Just click the furniture together for perfect, stable results every time.

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Benefits of click furniture:

  • Fast and easy assembly/ disassembly
  • No tools, screws or fittings
  • High stability and with perfect angles 
  • No visible holes/ fittings

It saves the environment by eliminating the needs for screws, fittings and glue.

It simplifies logistics by efficient transportation in flat packages. 

It gives the user an easy and enjoyable method to assemble furniture with perfect results.

How it works:

  • Panel is pushed in position.
  • The flexible plastic tongue is pushed into the tongue groove.
  • Panel reaches its final position, the locking tongue snaps out into a wedge groove, emits a click sound and locks the panels.