High-quality furniture for kitchen, bathroom and utility room and clever wardrobe solutions. The products are made in Estonia and have a unique click system that ensures long-term durability.

We guarantee fast delivery and affordable prices!

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TRUMP is an Estonian brand that specializes primarily in kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms and wardrobes. We have been operating in this field for almost 20 years.

Our product range is characterized by simplicity and functionality, as well as smart solutions that people of the Nordic countries want.

Our collection includes a wide range of options for different styles, uses and budgets.

Our furniture has a unique Click system, which is easy to assemble and just as easy to disassemble if necessary. No tools, screws, or fittings are used to assemble the furniture.

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The experience of our specialists provides the customer with the best solution and functionality, taking into account, above all, the customer's wishes and the solution of the premises.

In our team there are practically and creatively thinking people for whom there are no insurmountable problems and difficulties.

We can offer large and individual orders for developers, owners of rental and guest apartments, wooden house manufacturers, schools, student dormitories and private individuals.

Our production comes from CNC and other latest technology benches.

For mechanisms, we use the production of the German top manufacturer BLUM and other European manufacturers.

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